Our mission at North Sound Nourishment & Recovery is to help children, adolescents, and adults have a positive relationship with food and their bodies.  

  • To provide compassionate, comprehensive, individualized, and dynamic outpatient treatment for child, adolescent, and adult feeding and eating concerns.
  • To provide education and support to prevent feeding, eating, weight, and body image concerns from birth through the lifespan.
  • To provide support for families in developing secure attachments during the transition to new parenthood and throughout family life.


Our vision for North Sound Nourishment & Recovery is to provide a setting where positive change can happen.


We specialize in the treatment of all feeding and eating concerns from infancy throughout adulthood. This includes treating and educating our patients, families, and health care providers about the negative effects of restrictive eating, chronic dieting, and eating disorders.

We begin with a comprehensive assessment, which includes medical, growth, and feeding history, and integrate with the client’s story and subjective experience, to put together an individualized treatment plan.  Treatment has three components – therapeutic, didactic, and experiential.


  • Empowerment
  • Risk-taking
  • Vulnerability/Strength
  • Relational

Why We’re Unique:

At North Sound Nourishment and Recovery, treating eating disorders and all other feeding and eating concerns is our practice focus.

To offer the best and most comprehensive care, we:

  • Conduct a growth and feeding history as part of the nutrition evaluation
  • Access psychological evaluation to further inform treatment
  • Individualize treatment planning
  • Treat all feeding and eating issues across the life-span, from infants through adults
  • Are theory driven, rather than intervention-driven
  • Have an onsite kitchen for experientials in an outpatient setting
  • Integrate growth and feeding history into treatment
  • Teach life cooking skills
  • Teach competent eating (Satter Eating Competence Model, ecSatter), building on internal regulation as a sustainable, structured, and trust-based model
  • Can function like an intensive outpatient program when necessary
  • Are committed to continuing education, including attending annual conferences like the ACUTE Symposium and the Renfrew Center Foundation Eating Disorders Conference
  • Focus on prevention as well as treatment of feeding and eating concerns